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Welcome to the neon-fantasy realm of Mythanical, where sci-fi meets fantasy in an electrrifying fusion of mythology and technology! As the player, you’ll step into the shoes of a dungeon master tasked with managing a labyrinth fortress teeming with minions of your design.

In this dungeon management game, your strategic prowess will be put to the test as you draw cards containing your minions, build your deck and allocate them across various rooms to thwart the relentless advance of heroes. Immerse yourself in an enchaning low-poly, isometric world where vibrant neon hues illuminate the darkness of your dungeon, and where ancient spells dance alongside cutting-edge cybernetics. Harness the power of synergy as you construct your dungeon, refining your design day-by-day to create an unstoppable defensive force to prevent heroes reaching your control room. Will you unleash the fury of your mecha-mythical minions? Or will you rely on traps of arcane origin, interweaved with futuristic mechanisms? The choice is yours.

Welcome to Mythanical, where the line between myth and reality blurs, where the true test of a dungeon master awaits. Are you ready to rise to the challenge and forge your legend?